A Grassroots Community Organization for Improving Family and Community Lives


Message from The Founder President

On this special day, I am very happy that we have been able to organize the International Women’s Day and our organization’s 1st Anniversary celebrations. Shwasti is a non-profit organization that has started its journey through empowering women in becoming self sufficient. We believe that within every women lies a multitude of talent and aspirations. If these talents and aspirations are allowed to be nurtured and grown then they will be able to do great things in the world. They will also be able to greatly contribute to their families and society and will be able to carve out a very special place in every one’s hearts.

On this day I am remembering all those women, who over the ages have struggled for the rights of women in family and society. I believe that many of the members of our community have the potential to contribute to the world in a similar way.

Today Shwasti promises to try its best on working on women’s rights even if it brings light into the lives of only a hand full of women. Shwasti as a new born organization would like to thank all the people from different organizations who have helped in various ways in making this event a success.

I wish the success of all our dreams.